Brilliant feedback from recent shows, really uplifting, thank you to everyone who has got in touch to tell Andy what they thought about his performance! 

Hi Andy,
I was at Gawsworth last night… i took my mum to celebrate her birthday. You were really fabulous….lovely to her a lot of the standards, and Leave us Leap was a highlight. My dad (who passed away a couple of years ago) was a semi- pro drummer and in his hey day he worked with big bands and used to love playing that solo. I never heard him play it, but my mum was really amazed it was in your made her night. You mentioned that you’ve had a few problems with your career…I really don’t understand that. i saw Buble a few weeks ago and your band, the quality of repertoire, and your whole performance was infinitely more memorable. And sat in that audience last night, I could feel the warmth and respect you have from that older generation. It was a wonderful evening. 
My mum lives in the Wirral…are you planning to play Liverpool when you tour? I hope so! Keep doing it….you’re a class act.
With very best wished for continued and even greater success!! – Anonymous 

Marvellous ))x – Rebecca Menaged

Fantastic concert last night at Gawsworth Hall, weather didn’t dampen the atmosphere. Andy on great form, band swinging well and some good new numbers, roll on the tour!! – Caroline White

Fabulous night at the wonderful Gawsworth Hall, Andy and his band on top form, Great. – Susan Haycock

Great night Mister Prior!!! Still dancing to the tunes:-) – Charlie McCall